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Network of experts


Djoomart Otorbaev


Djoomart Otorbaev is a former Prime Minister of Kyrgyz Republic, during his term he actively support the accession of Kyrgyzstan to the Eurasian integration associations – Custom Union, common economic space and the Eurasian Economic Union. He has served as vice and first vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan on economy and development. From 2001 to 2005 he worked as a special representative of Kyrgyzstan on economic assistance to Afghanistan. His experience also includes work as senior adviser in European Bank for reconstruction and development, and as manager from Kyrgyzstan in the World Bank Group and Asian Development Bank. He has degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.


Eurasian network of experts


Promotank is part of the CAMCA Consulting Network, a Eurasian consulting network that unites top practitioners and experts from business, government, academia and civil society.  CAMCA regional consultants combine deep local knowledge and world-class skills base to provide high-quality professional services in all major areas of development.


Select experts and affiliated advisors of CAMCA Consulting:


Grigol Mgaloblishvili


Amb Grigol Mgaloblishvili is a career diplomat who has served in the Georgian Foreign Service for 18 years. During his tenure as a Georgian Ambassador to NATO he was actively involved in a decision making process of Georgia's defense and security policy; particularly, on issues of Georgia's integration into NATO and its active involvement in ISAF operations. Throughout his career he served as the Prime Minister (2008-2009), Georgian Ambassador to Turkey and as a non-resident Georgian Ambassador to Albania and Bosnia Herzegovina. 


Irakli Laitadze


Irakli Laitadze is currently the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of GMT Mtatsminda, LLC. He worked previously as the Deputy CFO of the GMT Group, the leading private sector investor in Georgia, with over $500 million in capital invested across four portfolio companies in several industries. He has also worked for the Belgian company, ‘’Group Thermote & Vanhalst.’’ Mr. Laitadze has worked for the foreign service of Georgia in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as in the Mission of Georgia to the European Union and the Embassy to Benelux countries. From 2009-2011, Mr. Laitadze was the local expert of London-based company,“Exclusive Analyst,’’ which forecasts commercially relevant political and violent risks worldwide. He is also one of the founders of the Georgian Oxbridge Society, part of the non-profit worldwide association of Alumni of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.


Emin Valiyev


Emin Valiyev is the Founder, Partner and General Manager at Uptime Marketing Agency operating in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan with regional offices located in Baku and Almaty. Prior to launching Uptime Marketing Agency, Mr. Valiyev worked in marketing management units at Colgate-Palmolive Kazakhstan and Danone Kazakhstan where he helped to set up local production. Mr. Valiyev began his career in 2004 at Colgate-Palmolive Azerbaijan as the Assistant Brand Manager. Soon after, he was promoted to the regional role in the CIS Countries Head Office in Istanbul, before moving to Kazakhstan in 2007.


Semetei Omurgazy


Semetei Omurgazy is the owner and CEO of the Bishkek Fashion Retail Group, which combines several American, European and Turkish brands mainly presented by monobrand stores in Kyrgyzstan. Operating 25 stores, this company is considered one of the biggest players in the apparel market of Kyrgyzstan. At the same time, Mr. Omurgazy is Chairman of the Board of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan. This Association promotes the business community and improves the business environment by organizing educational courses on how to effectively do business and helping local businessmen attend international business exhibitions.  Mr. Omurgazy is also a Council Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Farrukh Irnazarov


Farrukh Irnazarov is a Co-Founder and Country Director at the Central Asian Development Institute, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He is also a PhD Candidate in International Studies at the University of Groningen, Netherlands and a Visiting Research Fellow at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.C. Mr. Irnazarov is in charge of several research projects on economic development, labour migration, and regional trade and transport issues in Central Asia. In 2008-2011 he worked as a Researcher at the University of Applied Sciences in Goettingen, Germany. In 2007-8 Mr. Irnazarov was an Associate Faculty Lecturer in International Trade and Strategic Management at the School of Business at the National College of Ireland in Dublin where he was also doing postgraduate research. From 2000 to 2003, Mr. Irnazarov held different positions at the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Uzbekistan.


Anar Jahangirli


Anar Jahangirli is the VicePresident for Corporate Affairs at the AzMeCo Group of Companies. Mr. Jahangirli’s experience since 2011 as a private entrepreneur also includes working in senior positions as an Adviser to the CEO at the Azerbaijan Consulting Group, and as the Director for Corporate Communications at Azercell Telecom. He has also established several of his own companies. Prior to moving to the private sector, Mr. Jahangirli worked for more than a decade at the Azerbaijan Foreign Service including a tour in the Mission of Azerbaijan to the EU in Brussels.

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