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Our company knows the value of close collaboration and deep synergies that well-structured partnerships can bring to the table. We are grateful to have a wide range of partners across the Eurasian region, who represent different sectors and industries:



  • Membership organizations

    • Institute of Management Consultants

    • Young Entrepreneurs’ Association

    • Bishkek Business Club

  • Businesses [includes other consulting companies]

    • PMCG

    • Bosch

    • Antares Creative Group

    • Media Star

  • Government institutions [different from clients]

    • Government of Kyrgyz Republic

    • Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyz Republic

    • Ministry of Energy and Industry of Kyrgyz Republic

    • Ministry of Finance of Kyrgyz Republic

    • Investment Council under the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic

    • NISI KR

  • Civil society organizations

    • Public Foundation Investment Roundtable

    • PF Platform for Dialogue

  • Think tanks and universities  

    • American University of Central Asia 




We are open to exploring new partnership opportunities that will add to the impact of our work and help our clients achieve more. Please contact Azamat Akeleev at for inquiries regarding partnerships.


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