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Our approach derives from our values of integrity, impact and informed action – we want our clients achieve not only their objectives but also the meaningful impact intended by those objectives. This means that we apply following principles to our daily activity:


Rigorous, facts-driven and structured analysis, iteratively improved through open debate and discussion


Cross-sectoral outreach, mobilizing government, business and civil society stakeholders for joint decision-making and thought partnerships.


Dedicated project implementation teams, combining operational excellence with deep expertise and strong client service


Accountability with regards to the end goals of the project and ultimate beneficiaries of the work completed


By convening recognized local and international talent for assignments at every stage of project cycle, from market assessment, through project implementation to impact evaluation, Promotank seeks to provide an exceptional quality of service under each assignment.


We seek to back our practical experience by substantial conceptual and fact-driven base. We approach each client engagement as an opportunity for customization that benefits the client and we focus on long-term relationships with customers.  Due to a culture of delivering on time and on budget, with clear impact, Promotank enjoys a strong reputation among its clients.



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